Web-Based Personal Life Monitoring and Emergency Messaging System

Send Messages to Your Friends, Family, or Enemies in Case Something Happens to You.

Protect your friends, family, pets, and yourself with GHOSTMEMO!

If something happened to you...
Would your baby be helpless?
Would your pets starve to death?
Would anyone know that you may need help?
Would your family know where to find your important documents?
Would your family know the passwords to your accounts?
Would there be anything that you don’t want left unsaid?
Would you have the last word in an argument?

GHOSTMEMO can help! With a GHOSTMEMO account, you can have your personal messages sent to your emergency contacts in case you become unresponsive (due to death, coma, loss of consciousness, kidnapping, immobility, or any other reason).

To determine if you are “alive and well”, GHOSTMEMO will prompt you periodically by email. If you fail to respond to these email prompts within a designated time period (set by you) then we will assume the worst and deliver your personal messages to your emergency contacts.

Signup for GHOSTMEMO's online life monitoring service to provide an additional layer of insurance for your family, friends, pets, and yourself. GHOSTMEMO may even end up saving your life!